Store Coupon Policy

Knowing Your Store Coupon Policy Is Essential 

Coupon PoliciesIt is important to know the individual store coupon policy. This will help you if there is a disagreement at the store about any of the coupons you are planning on using.

Therefore I cannot stress enough the need to print the store coupon policies and put them in your binder.

Sometimes the checkers aren’t aware of the exact policy or they haven’t been properly given the correct information. But I have found most are more than happy to follow the coupon policy once they actually know what it is.

It is important that you don’t get argumentative. You want to stay pleasant and just politely show them the store coupon policy and explain how you understood the policy.

If necessary, you can ask for a manager and get clarification of the policy.

One other thing I have found helpful, is to contact your store prior to shopping to make sure there has not been any changes, especially for the stores that do not have a posted policy online.

Check out the different policies:

Grocery Stores

Drug Stores

Big Box Stores

Dollar Stores

Have Fun Shopping!

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