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Couponing 101-Couponing Terms & Abbreviations

  There are so many terms and abbreviations that it can seem overwhelming especially if you join a message board looking for coupons and freebies. I have compiled a list below to help you learn and understand the coupon lingo.

AC = After Coupon

ACTUALS = The actual item as opposed to a coupon for it (an item from your stockpile)

ADDIE = Address

AR = After Rebate

BIL = Brother-in-law

BLINKIES = instore smartsource coupon dispensed near product, usually from red blinking box

BOGO or B1G1F = Buy one get one free

BOLO = Be On the Lookout

BTFE = Box Tops for Education

BTW = By the way

B&M = Brick & Mortar, as opposed to an online store

CAT or Catalina = coupon dispensed at register after purchase, usually has a red border

CBAD = Chef Boyardee

CLFE = Campbell’s Labels for Education

CO = cents off coupon

COH = Cut Out Hunger

CRT = Cash register tape

CYE = Check your email

DB = Coupon database such as HotCouponWorld

DCRT = Dated cash register tape

DCRTC = Dated cash register tape with the price circled

DD = Dear Daughter

DH = Dear husband

DIL = Daughter-in-law

DS = Dear Son

DW = Dear Wife

DND = Do Not Double (the coupon is not supposed to be doubled)

DOUBLE COUPON = coupon that a grocery store doubles in value

ECB = CVS Extra Care Bucks earned for purchases

ENVIE = Envelope

EPOP = Each pay own postage (trading term)

ESR = EasySaver Rebate (Walgreens Monthy Rebate)

ETA = Edited to add

FAR = Free After Rebate

FIL = Father-in-law

FLIP = Food Lion Internet Printable

FREE ITEM COUPON = A coupon that allows you to get the product completely free

FSOT = For Sale or Trade

GDA = Good Deal Alert

GG = Grocery Game

HBA = The health and beauty aid section in the grocery store

HCW = Hot Coupon World

HDA = Hot Deal Alert or Home Delivered Ad

HL = Have list

HT or HGT = Hang tags for refunds or coupons hanging on a product

HTH = Hope this / that helps

IMO = In My Opinion

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

ISO = In Search Of

IDSO = In Desperate Search Of

IVC = Walgreen’s Instant Value Coupon ( Found in the monthy EasySaver Catalog )

IVDSO = In Very Desperate Search Of

IP = Internet Printable

JMHO = Just My Humble Opinion

KWIM = Know what I mean?

LFE = Campbell’s Labels for Education

LMK = Let Me Know

MIL = Mother-in-law

MIR = Mail In Rebate

NAZ = Name, address, zip code

NED = No expiration date

NP = No problem

NBPN = No Beer Purchase Necessary

NWPN = No wine purchase necessary

OAS = a coupon that is good on one purchase, any size

OOP = Out of Pocket

OOS = Out of Stock

OP = Original Poster; Author of a thread

OSI = On a single item

OYNO = On your next order

OT = Off Topic

P&G = Proctor & Gamble Sunday supplement coupons

PEELIE = coupon that you peel off the package

PITA = Pain in the ***

PLMK = Please Let Me Know

PM = Private Message

POP = Proof of purchase

PP = purchase price

PPHF = Paypal handling fee

PSA = Prices Starting At or Public Service Announcement

Q = Coupon

QUALIFIER = The POP required for a refund offer that is physically taken from that package

RAOK = Random act of kindness

RC = Raincheck

RP = Red Plum Sunday Supplement Coupons

RR = Register Rewards

SAHM = Stay At Home Mom

SAHW = Say At Home Wife

SASE = Self Addressed Stamped Envelope

SCR = Rite Aid Single Check Rebate

SD = Store Display

SF = Store form

SIL = Son or sister in law

SMP = Specially Marked Packages

SS = Smart Source or Sunday Supplement coupons

STACKING = Some stores allow the use of more than one coupon per item, IF the coupon itself does not restrict such usage.

SUPER DOUBLES or DOUBLES = coupons that are doubled $1 + in value (ie, a $1 coupon = $2, etc)

TEAR PAD = A pad of refund forms or coupons found hanging from a store shelf or display

TIA = Thanks in advance

TMF = Try Me Free

TRIPLE COUPON = a coupon that a grocery store triples in value

TYVM = Thank you very much

V = Valassis Sunday supplement coupons

WINE TAG = coupon, usually for $ off any meat, cheese or produce.

WL = wishlist

WPN = Wine purchase necessary

WSL = while supplies last

WT = winetag

WYB = When You Buy

YGEM = You’ve got a email

YGPM = You’ve got a private message!

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary= success of the attempt may vary at your store

YVW = Your very welcome


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