How To Save Money When Eating Out

by Laura on March 13, 2015

How Food Companies Are Costing You More… Instead How You Can Save Money

Most people like to think of themselves ‘immune’ to being sold on such lines as “Would you like to super-size that with extra fries?” However, some of the strategies restaurants use to reach further into your wallet are a little more indirect than you may realize.

Here are a few examples of how companies persuade you to spend more that you originally had in mind and how you can save money.

Save Money -What is Your $ign?

Whether you realize it or not, you are being sold when you first open the menu at the restaurant. From the font size and color to the images (including the Dollar Sign), no detail is overlooked when it comes to selling you. One marketing consultant advises restaurants to leave off price signs when listing prices on the menus.

The reasoning is that dollar signs remind people of spending and thus equate dollar signs with expensive dining.

save money

Save Money – Words Do Matter

Pictorial images and subtle images will tend to make the prices go down easier. You  might be hesitant to spend $23.99 for a shrimp platter and bread of the day, yet willingly pay that for the “sauteed” shrimp with the garlic butter and cheese biscuits.   The more you hear about the value you’re getting, the less it costs in the patron’s head.

Have you heard this one, “The more you buy, the more you save?” Another way to get you to spend more that you intend by the perception of “getting more” for your hard-earned money!  

 Save Money – Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Food

Restaurants know that we as Americans are susceptible to impulse buying, and they take advantage of it skillfully. Have you noticed all the little “extras” near the register at Subway for instance? This is by design. They know you are hungry and that little bag of chips or that bag of Oreos will go so well with your sub. You just added 25% to your bill…..pretty slick!

This also goes for famous coffee houses that have that tin of mints or scones that now has upped your bill from $4.00 to $5.00 or more. This doesn’t save money at all.

Just keep in mind that you save money by keeping your control, so keep your eyes on your own food!!

Save money – Manipulating Your Choices

Have you been to the movies lately and gone to the concession stand? Did you get a good look at the the sizes and the prices?

Much like expensive restaurants, theaters capitalize on the fact that once you have paid for your ticket, they now own your appetite and know that since you cannot bring in food (or not supposed to), they’ve got you!

Popcorn – $8.00

Soda – $6.25

Candy – $4.25

save money So what is one to do? Your one defense against these prices ==> will power.

The sensible option is to eat before you go in OR you can hang on to your will power and hope that the 2 hours that they have you pass by quickly!!

The Consumer Mind is always going to be tested and, in some cases, manipulated, but now you know a few tricks of the trade and how, with some key knowledge and will power, you can adapt, overcome and hang on to your money!

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