Utilizing the Saving Power of Online Coupons

by Laura on May 30, 2015

Utilizing the Saving Power of Online Coupons

online coupons Most people generally focus on grocery coupons, but there are other coupons that can save you just as much or more and  these are online coupons and promotional codes. Online coupons can save you a considerable amount of money when shopping. There is one caveat to using online coupons though, and that is over usage! You have to be able to understand that these are a valuable tool when buying items, but can easily be abused if you don’t pay attention to usage.

In this article, I am going to outline a couple of golden rules when it comes to online couponing and hopefully help you understand how they can help and possible hinder your online shopping!

Online Coupons Tip 1 – Do Not Abuse Them

When shopping online, whether it is a promo code or online coupon, it is of great importance to pay attention to the expiration date. According the Nielson, most online coupons have a life span of nearly 9 – 10 weeks (2 ½ months). Please believe me when I tell you that this time period will fly by, so pay attention and make a note if necessary to use the promo codes or online coupons before the expiration date especially if it is for an item you want or to want to stock up on.

According to StatisticsBrain.com, over $470 billion worth of coupons are dispersed each year, but less than 1% get utilized or are redeemed. As with anything, an online coupon is only beneficial when it is used, otherwise it might as well be shredded or thrown away with the trash.

Online Coupons Tip 2 – Share Your Savings

More than 100 reputable websites more than willingly invite subscribers. Make sure to add your email to a few of these and join many others in doing do.

This has some AWESOME benefits:
  1. Places you within a large group of other couponers that share online coupon locations.
  2. Gain access to online coupons & promos beyond your normal, local reach.
For instance, Jane may have a coupon available at Kohls that will allow you to save money when you shop there. You certainly would never had known about it unless Jane hadn’t shared it with you in the first place let’s say on Facebook or Twitter.

This type of online sharing is why the redemption rate of online coupons was over 300% in 2014 alone, according to Marketwatch.

Online Coupons Tip 3 – Master the Art of Combining Sales

One of the best talents you can master as an online shopper is that of combining coupons and combining promotions with these coupons. I learned from taking a couponing class a couple of years ago that once I received an online coupon or promotion that I should hold on to it to see that if in a couple of weeks I could combine it with yet another offer. This means that I’ll be able to save even more money simply by using it as a secret weapon at that time!!

Careful, of course, to not let the online coupon or promotion expire before I use it. This is where the Savvy comes in!!

If you search YouTube for the coupon shopping shows such as Extreme Couponing and the such, you can see how they carefully save different coupons and only use them on already on sale items. This same approach can be applied to online shopping as well.

Savvy shopping is the name of the game whether you are using coupons in the store or using online coupons to get the best deal. Practice makes perfect and keeping your eyes open and sharing informatin as well as tips and tricks will not only make you some likeminded friends, but also save you some money!

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    Happy Clipping!

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