New Year’s Resolutions for a Smart Couponer

by Laura on January 3, 2016

Time to make New Year’s Resolutions!

2015 went by fast and now we’re already 2 days into the New Year. So as I sit back and think about what we’ve accomplished in the last year, I’m also looking forward to seeing how much more I can accomplish for 2016. That starts with some Smart Couponer Resolutions!

I have set resolutions to save money and get out of debt in 2016, since we’re closing on our first home in a few days! So I looked at what areas I can improve on and came up with 15 New Year’s Resolutions that’ll help me reach our financial goals this year.


15 New Year’s Smart Couponer Resolutions:

Resolution #1: I resolve to always check for a coupon first

This may be the hardest of all my New Year’s Resolutions! I just bought Melatonin today at Walgreen’s and I didn’t have my coupon with me which would have made the BOGO that much sweeter. In 2016, I’ll always make sure to check for a coupon first—no matter how much I need an item.

Resolution #2: I resolve to cut, file and cull old coupons in a timely manner

Last year, I have to admit I fell off the coupon wagon. I didn’t use my coupons like I should have. I went weeks without cutting and filing them. And I had to throw away coupons that could have gone to the military. This is one of the must-do resolutions!

Resolution #3: I resolve to take advantage of apps

One of my easier resolutions is to take advantage of some of the best apps out there to save money. (RetailMeNot, Ibotta, SnipSnap, Store apps, etc.)

Resolution #4: I resolve to handle my receipt the day I make the purchase

This one coincides with two other personal resolutions! I’ll take the survey on my receipt and scan it into Receipt Hog and Receipt Pal apps the day I make the purchase. This way I can file the receipts that need to be filed and throw away those that I don’t need. Side benefit is I won’t accumulate 10 pounds of paper receipts in my purse!

Resolution #5: I resolve to check my receipt before I leave the store

It’s no secret that things don’t always ring up for the sale price and when I see an incorrect charge on my receipt, I get a little hot under the collar. This could be prevented if I would take a few seconds to make sure every item and coupon has rung up correctly. So from now on, I’ll be sure to keep my eye on the screen as the cashier is ringing up my groceries. Then before I leave the store double check the receipt to make sure it is correct. This allows plenty of time to correct a problem before losing the receipt!

Resolution #6: I resolve to leave extra coupons on the shelf for the next shopper

This also ticks the box for another of my resolutions which is to help others. A random act of kindness is always appreciated.

Resolution #7: I resolve not take the last item on the shelf

If I have an item that is well stocked in my stockpile, I don’t have take the last item on the shelf. So instead of being greedy, I’ll give other couponers and shoppers the opportunity to grab a great deal. This should have been one of my resolutions last year!

Resolution #8: I resolve to stop before making an impulse purchase

My husband have an agreement that we discuss purchases over $50. That applies to just about everything but grocery shopping. So this year it is one of our resolutions to do the same with groceries. I need to think about the reason I’m throwing things in the cart that aren’t on the list. One of my best resolutions is if an item isn’t on the shopping list and it’s not on sale, I don’t need it!

Resolution #9: I resolve not buy items I don’t intend to use

Unless I have a baby at age 46 or get a cat, there is no need to purchase diapers or cat food, right?! I will only purchase an item that is not for me, if 1) I am helping someone else or an organization and 2) I get it for next to nothing or free.

Resolution #10: I resolve to rotate my food stockpile every month

This just has to be on the cleaning to do list (which is another one of my resolutions)! Especially since I usually review my stockpile when I’m looking for something or when my pantry is just overwhelmingly messy. The other day I was making a pasta dish and noticed that the sauce I had bought the lid didn’t snap when I opened it. If I was checking the stockpile I would have checked the lid to make sure the button on the jar did move. Also this prevents me from overstocking one item while running out of another item.

Resolution #11: I resolve to find more coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables

I know that coupons for fresh fruits and vegetables are difficult to find. But it is not impossible. This will help us to eat better and work to reach the standing resolution of losing weight!

Resolution #12: I resolve to use my reusable shopping bags

I’ve accumulated a ton of reusable shopping bags over the last few years. So the problem is not having them, the problem is getting them out of the trunk and bringing them into the store! Our store typically take $.05 off for each bag even if I don’t need it. It’s not a lot but it adds up!

Resolution #13: I resolve to have more patience with store employees

I work in customer service and have a high standard. I know it’s hard not to lose your patience sometimes, but I want to be better at being patience this year. I plan on trying to grocery shop on the some day and around the same time so I can get in my favorite employee’s line even if it’s backed up. They know the store policy and how I coupon so this should help my patience level.

Resolution #14: I resolve to spend less time looking for something

One of my biggest frustrations is wandering up and down the aisles looking for something. So I’ve made it one of my resolutions to ask if I can’t find it within a couple of minutes. Also, I plan checking with a store manager to see if I can get a list of what is on each aisle so I can get better at the layout of the store that is now closest to our new home.

Resolution #15: I resolve not to just stick things back on a random shelf.

So I’m completely guilty about this. I don’t know have many times I’ve changed my mind about getting an item and then stick it on a random shelf as I walk by. In 2016, my New Year’s Resolution is to hand the item to the cashier so it can be returned to its correct location or will return it to the correct location before I get in the check out line.

This list is going in my coupon book to remind me that I have Resolutions and goals.

I would love to hear what some of your New Year’s Resolutions are. Leave a comment below or tell us on the Coupon Darling Facebook Page!

Happy Saving! coupon darling

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