How, Why and What to Stockpile (Part 2)

by Laura on March 24, 2015

How, Why and What to Stockpile (Part 2)

In the first half of this two-part artice, I identified what a stockpile is, how and what to stockpile as well. In this article, I will be examining how your stockpile should grow, bull-buying vs. stockpiling and some issues that may arise as you stockpile as well as a few tips here and there! Stockpile
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Stockpile Should Be Growing

Although you’ve just bought 10 tubes of toothpaste doesn’t mean that you will ignore great deals on toothpaste in the upcoming months, because building a stockpile is ongoing! As I mentioned in the last article, what goes around comes around – meaning that sales come and go and certain items that you use will likely be on sale again sometime within the 3-6 month period. Since toothpaste is used up quite frequently, don’t hold back on buying more if you get a great deal. You’d be surprised what a family of 4 can go through in a year’s time.
Tip: In larger stores, look for the bins out in front of the particular area of which you are shopping. For instance, personal care isles may have hydrogen peroxide or cotton balls out in a bin in front at a huge discount. The same with sodas, laundry soap, etc.  

Stockpile or Bulk-Buy

Places such as SAMS club and Costco entice people with HUGE amounts of goods for a seemingly good price, however when you delve right into it, these places are not cheap. Sure the memberships are only $50-$100/year, and to those who believe in bulk-buying it seems like a good deal. The difference is that we ARE NOT bulk buyers, we are stockpilers. We find great bargains and FREE items that we need and will need in the near future. The deals that SAMS and Costco aren’t that great when you break it down. Not to mention 60% of the stuff you buy you will not use within the given expiration date. Super deals and great bargains are what we are after when we stockpile, not getting the “all the time” price items to make us feel like we got a great “deal.”
Tip: At warehouse stores, items may be lower-priced in bulk, but many are never stockpile-worthy.

Stockpile Issues That Come Into Play

One of the issues I have is paying for anything! I hate paying for refried beans. Period. We have hardly any at the house because I cannot seem to get it for pennies or for free. Luckily we rarely use it. However, when we have Mexican food I have to run out and buy some at the supermarket and it pains me to have to pay full price (petty I know)! Another issue that comes into play when stockpiling is considering brand loyalty. My household mainly uses Crest toothpaste, however Crest doesn’t go on sale too terribly much. What I do is overbuy when I come across a good deal on Crest that I can also apply a coupon. This way, I have enough Crest to last 6-8 months, I’ve saved quite a bit of money and I’ve managed to buy the brand we use the most. Stockpilers are notorious for using coupons. That is how I was introduced to saving big bucks. Here is how I capitalize on these: 1) I receive the Sunday paper with P&G coupons. 2) I receive Redplum in my mailbox. 3) I go to Walgreens and pick up a coupon packet or three! 4) I hit up facebook groups that can notify me on up to date coupons and deals that might not be available otherwise. 5) I will also share coupons with other people and help them with their stockpile efforts.  

Tips on Managing Your Flourishing Stockpile

Organization is Crucial

“Not knowing how much you have of a particular item is just as bad as not having that item.” is what one famous stockpile expert recently wrote. You must take a monthly inventory of your stock. Having shelves and shelves of something is great, but the exact amount helps you determine how many months of supply you have.

Expiration Dates Need a Second Look

It doesn’t really matter how much you save on an item or how much you can stockpile if you aren’t going to be using it before it expires. ALWAYS check the expiration date before you purchase. Stores might mark them down because of that, but you don’t need 30 cans of soup if they all expire within two months! Know how much your family will use and buy accordingly. I hope you have found this article on the basics of how and why and what to stockpile informative and a great way to reduce your weekly grocery needs. Follow some of the tips provided here and always be on the lookout for the word FREE and you will be well on your way towards BIG SAVINGS every year on your grocery bills! Missed the Part 1 of How to Stockpile? Click Here 70cashback_468x60   coupon darling stockpile stockpile stockpile stockpile stockpile stockpile stockpile stockpile

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