How, Why and What to Stockpile (Part 1)

by Laura on March 23, 2015

How, Why and What to Stockpile (Part 1)

stockpile In this two-part article, I am going to outlay what stockpiling is, why you should stockpile and what you should stockpile. Since SAMS Club and Costco came on the scene back in the 80’s, stockpiling and buying in bulk have become almost the norm for many families. Not only can it keep your family in stock of your most used items, but it can save you money!

What is a Stockpile?

Stockpiles are basically inventories of items that you use daily, weekly & monthly. A stockpile isn’t built overnight, but rather over a period of time. Most people assemble stockpiles buy purchasing insanely discounted items or items that are free with coupons or rebates. My family began stockpiling with, of all things, toilet paper and bar soap! Each month, we would take inventory of what we had and made note of that we needed and then we began our stockpiling efforts around them.  

Why Stockpile?

Great question! I get all the time from my family and friends. They ask, “Why in the world would you buy 15 of something?” There are 2 reasons why I stockpile:
    1. When I buy more, especially something that is deeply discounted or free, I can simply remove it from my list and don’t worry about it for about a year.
    1. It allows me to give back. Stockpiling allows me to have enough items to donate to my church or any charities my family sees fit especially during the Holiday season.

How To Get Started Building a Stockpile?

I actually found a couponing class taught by a man and his wife who had been couponing and stockpiling for more than 5 years. They assured us that by learning the correct ways to coupon, we would have an easier time transitioning into stockpiling. Look for couponing classes in your city; attend and take notes. Also, get a Sunday paper. This will help get you in the habit of looking for coupons and savings.  

Be Practical When Stockpiling

A common misconception when talking about stockpiling is, “Won’t my grocery bill go up, up & up?” Actually, no! The concept of stockpiling is to help save you money in the long term. We still spend the same amount on groceries each month (with coupons), but we only buy what we are sure to use within a year or at least within the expiration date of a given product. Example: Buying 8 tubes of toothpaste for $6 is a good buy. That being said, buying 500 tubes of toothpaste because it is cheap is not practical!
Tip 1: Don’t spend more than $50 stockpiling items that you are sure to not use often. Tip 2: Buy FREE stuff in mass if you can. Who knows how long it will be free, so go nuts as long as you have the room! If not, see if your church or your kid’s schools are in need of anything.

Stockpile Building Takes Time

Professional stockpilers advise that it will take at least 6-8 months of steady commitment to garner a pretty good size stockpile, so don’t expect it overnight. Sales change from store to store, week to week, item to item, so practice that coupon-spying eye and be on the lookout! After a few months, you will notice your stockpile becoming more useful and more diverse and reflecting your family’s usage and habits.  

How much should I stockpile?

When you find products that you and your family use, and you find them cheap, you may ask yourself, “How much should I buy?” Good question! Again, what do you need? Previously I spoke about being practical, and having at least 3-6 months of certain items that you WILL use seems to be a good start. **A good rule of thumb is that what goes around comes around – meaning that sales come and go and certain items that you use will likely be on sale again sometime within the 3-6 month period.** That’s it for part one! In part two, I will be going over common issues that may arise and some common misconceptions regarding stockpiling.


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