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Couponing 101: Getting Your Grocery Shopping Done

by Laura on July 1, 2015

Grocery Shopping Made Fun By Saving Money!

Thanks for going through this Couponing 101 Series. You’ve made it to Part 3–Grocery Shopping!

Today, I am going to be explaining some great tips on Grocery Shopping. But if you haven’t yet read Part 2, which is about coupon organization, check it out HERE.

So many people think of grocery shopping as a chore, but I love it. It is a time that I can get away and put my couponing skills to good use. One word of caution, if at all possible leave the kids and husband home so you can shop in peace.

So lets get into some of my favorite ways to take advantage of grocery shopping!

Couponing 101: Grocery Shopping

Grocery ShoppingFor most people, grocery shopping is nothing more than putting a few items on a list of paper, picking them up and paying for them with an occasional use of a coupon. However, for the savvy couponer, she will plan her grocery shopping up to a month before! YES A MONTH!!

Here’s how I do it….

1. Watch the Sales Ads Closely

I take a look at the weekly grocery store ads to see what is on sale. If I like what I see and am in need of something, I look to see if I have a coupon. A little bit of simple math will tell me if the ad sale plus my coupon is a good deal. If it is, I will gather multiple coupons and get as many products as I can within a single transaction or multiple transactions if necessary.

Two-for-one deals are terrific becomes sometimes I can use a coupon on the free item as well. My local grocery chain, for instance, may be running a two-for-one sale on Dial NutriSkin lotion priced at $1.49 each. I may have a coupon for $1 off of two Dial NutriSkin lotion of 8 oz or more. Let’s do the math:

Two Dial NutriSkin on sale/2for1: $1.49

Dollar off coupon: -$1.00

My total: $0.49 for two Dial lotions

That means I’m paying under 25 cents per bottle, for a total savings of around 85% off, and I have five coupons. I’ll get 10 bottles of lotion for right at $2.45.

Here’s an easy way to match sale items at your grocery store to make your grocery shopping easier, try a service such as Savings Angel. There is a membership fee involved, but it will help you save time & money because it will automatically alert you to big sales and useful coupons to use on different items you may want to stock up on.

grocery shopping

2. Set Your Price Point

When you are scouting out good deals like the one just mentioned, you need to identify what the final price you are willing to pay.

I’d gladly pay $.25 for a 100 page spiral, but at $.50, I would wait. Why? Because I know my price point and that I can beat $.50. I would stock up on them @ $.25 because that is a good deal that I might not find again for a year or two.

For example, I’ll never pay for popcorn, certain razors, toothbrushes or coffee filters again because I am confident I can find the coupons that will bring the costs of these items next to nothing.

Homework: Confirm what prices you Will Not Pay, and if your grocery sale + coupon won’t get you to that price, simply wait for a better sale. Keep your price points on certain items on a piece of paper in your coupon notebook that I spoke of in the last article so you can get the best deals you commonly purchase. Using the lotion and coffee filters again as examples, my write-ups look like this:

8oz. Dial NutriSkin Lotion Lowest Price Ever: $0.75 a bottle Can often get for: $0.50 a bottle Don’t pay over: $0.60 a bottle
Coffee Filters Lowest Price Ever: FREE Can often get for: FREE Don’t pay over: $0

3. Make Mistakes

There may be some times that couponing doesn’t exactly go the way as you planned. Maybe you bought the wrong color and it won’t scan correctly or such thing. Don’t panic! This happens. No matter who is at fault, remain cool and just ask for a manager. If that doesn’t help, just void the item. I try and be polite and not cause the customers behind me to wait any longer than I would want to have to wait.

You do not have to buy anything that you do not want to. If things go south, do not purchase that product. Don’t feel guilty or bad about trying to save money!

4. Have a Good Time

Getting a good deal is pretty exciting. It will definitely boost your mood and save you some money in the process! Many cashiers and sackers are in “awe” sometimes when I save $100 or $200 dollars in a single grocery shopping trip.

There you have it, those are a few tips to help you out when grocery shopping!

In the next article, I will be discussing some resources that you can use to help out with your couponing trek.

Have Fun Grocery Shopping!

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