New Year’s Resolutions for a Smart Couponer

by Laura on January 3, 2016

Time to make New Year’s Resolutions! 2015 went by fast and now we’re already 2 days into the New Year. So as I sit back and think about what we’ve accomplished in the last year, I’m also looking forward to seeing how much more I can accomplish for 2016. That starts with some Smart Couponer Resolutions! […]


Grocery Shopping Made Fun By Saving Money! Thanks for going through this Couponing 101 Series. You’ve made it to Part 3–Grocery Shopping! Today, I am going to be explaining some great tips on Grocery Shopping. But if you haven’t yet read Part 2, which is about coupon organization, check it out HERE. So many people think […]


save money on fireworks

5 Easy Tips To Save Money On Fireworks

by Laura on June 30, 2015

How Do You Save Money On Fireworks? The 4th of July is coming up this weekend. I have such great memories of shooting off fireworks with my family as a kid. I loved it! We would have a BBQ and then in the evening head out to the country and shoot off as many firecrackers […]


Military Monday: Travel-Sized Toiletries

by Laura on June 29, 2015

Do you have travel-sized toiletries to spare? It’s Military Monday time again. This week we are looking for unopened travel-sized toiletries to send to the troops. As couponers, we love to get the travel-sized toiletries if the coupon allows it. So here is a way to put our stockpiles to good use! The organization Cape […]


Couponing 101: Coupon Organizing

by Laura on June 9, 2015

Couponing 101: Coupon Organizing In the last article on Couponing collecting, I went into the Gathering of Coupons. If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so HERE. Once you’ve gathered the coupons, now you’ve got to organize them. So in this article (part 2 of 5), I am going to talk what to do […]


Post image for Couponing 101: Start Coupon Collecting

Couponing 101: Start Coupon Collecting

by Laura on June 2, 2015

Couponing 101: Start Your Coupon Collecting In America, the average family pays out between $600 and $1,200 every month on groceries, clothing, toiletries, cleaning items, pet food & small entertainment costs. Holy Cow! That’s a huge portion of your budget! Most people understand they can sacrifice a few unnecessary things to save some money here […]


Military Monday: Baby Wipes     Can you spare baby wipes for U.S. Troops? When are soldiers are out on missions for days at a time, they aren’t able to stop and take a shower. It is one of the things we take for granted. So to help keep clean, they rely on baby wipes. […]


Utilizing the Saving Power of Online Coupons  Most people generally focus on grocery coupons, but there are other coupons that can save you just as much or more and  these are online coupons and promotional codes. Online coupons can save you a considerable amount of money when shopping. There is one caveat to using online coupons […]

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Tax Day Freebies and Deals

by Laura on April 13, 2015

2015 Tax Day Freebies and Deals   If filing your taxes on Wednesday has you a little stressed, you are not alone. That’s probably why there are a lot of stores and restaurants that are Tax Day Freebies and Deals. Restaurant Tax Day Freebies and Deals Arby’s: One free Jamocha shake with sandwich purchase; expires April […]